FAQS, Hambrook Park

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, if your question is not listed please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Am I allowed to keep pets?
Pets are allowed with the prior written consent of the Park owners.

How is the park maintained?
The Park is maintained regularly by the owners including street lighting, the park roads, and surrounding walls etc.

How secure is the Site?
There is a 24 hour warden on site.

Is Hambrook Park a Licensed Park?
Yes, it is. Hambrook Park holds a local authority site licence which means we have to ensure that the operation of the park follows the detailed conditions laid down in the stte licence which protects your own interests and safeguards the value of your investment.

What services are provided?
The park Is regularly maintained for your enjoyment and site security is provided for your peace of mind.

Costs of Owning

Are there any additional charges?
There is an annual site fee payable, plus gas and electricity as used.

Do I actually own the plot and the home?
No, you only own your home. The Agreement allows you to station your luxury lodge you have purchased on a plot” which is owned by Hambrook Park usually for a period of at least 25 years. That period can be extended subject to the conditions in the Agreement.

Do your lodges come with a Warranty?
Yes, the lodges come with a manufacturers warranty.

How do I pay for electricity and gas?
Electricity is metered and invoiced quarterly as is the LPG gas.

What are the main advantages of luxury lodge living?
Lodges make stylish and comfortable homes where you can make the most of your leisure time. Our lodges are imaginatively space planned, with generous living areas, both inside and outside and can be used all year round. You are surrounded by carefully landscaped and well laid out surroundings to compliment your lodge.


Can I sub-let my lodge?
Yes, you can do and any payment for sub-let belongs to you. It will however be your responsibility to ensure that your your lettings comply with your obligations in the Agreement.

Can I use my lodge all year round on your park?
Yes. Our Park is designed for your all year round enjoyment for you and/or your visitors.

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty when purchasing a lodge?
There Is no Stamp Duty to be paid when purchasing a lodge. Nor do you require a Home Report as and when you may wish to sell it.

Do we receive security of tenure?
Our Park has a valid site licence and all our homeowners are entitled to keep their lodge on the site allocated to them In the Agreement for the period- also stated In the Agreement. The Agreement Is valid for your successors and executors. The Agreement also ensures that you may at any time sell your own lodge with the Park owners receiving a transfer fee of 15% of the Sale Price.

How are Lodges actually built?
The lodges are assembled by the manufacturer and then transported to your site for installation.

How are lodges different from conventional houses?
The only real difference Is the method of construction and that they come full furnished. Other than this, a lodge resembles in every way an attractively designed traditionally built bungalow with a pitched roof.

How long can my lodge be sited on the park?
The Agreement will be for 25 years as long as the terms and conditions in the Agreement are adhered to. You also have the right to sell the log cabin and the right to leave it to your family.

What are the main advantages of park home living?
The social benefits are most readily appreciated by many. Our park Is a community of like minded people, where no-one need suffer the sense of isolation so often felt by people In other types of housing — especially those who move away from familiar surroundings. Individual privacy Is of course respected as you would expectIt to be anywhere else.

What if I decide to sell?
You have the right to sell either privately; through an agent or to Hambrook Park. Before you sell your home and assign your Agreement you must notify Hambrook Park of your intention and the price required. You must keep us informed of negotiations because we must give our consent to any prospective purchaser. We would need to interview prospective purchasers to ensure they will integrate well with the community. However, we are not allowed to withhold our permission except on reasonable grounds, which we must give to you in writing. Hambrook Park is entitled to a transfer fee of 15% of the purchase price plus VAT when the agreement is re-assigned to a new purchaser.

What standards are lodges built to?
The lodges are all built to British Standards regulations.

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